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What is Experience Worth?

Solar Systems has been selling, installing and servicing all manners of Solar Hot Water Systems for over 7 years. We have actually taken the bold step to enter the Alternate Energy business when many others have given up and moved on. We firmly believe in what we are doing and you can be sure that years from now, when you need servicing, we will be there.


New Opportunities for Consumers

Alternative Energy Bill Makes it Possible for Millions

With the signing of the Alternative Energy Bill of 2005, new opportunities were opened for millions of Americans to lessen their dependency on traditional supplies of fossil fuels and electricity.

Never before has it been so affordable to make the investment in energy conservation and production for one's own home or business.

Update: Key Tax Bill for Renewables Passed by Congress
On Saturday December 2 2006, the U.S. Senate approved the "Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006" by a vote 79-9, thereby extending many of the tax credits that benefit the renewable energy industries. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law this week.

Note: Solar Systems is not responsible for the acquisition of tax credits for the Solar customer. We will do our best to advise you. There are presently some unanswered questions related to the SRCC certification. The standard SRCC certification is for the solar collector component of a system. There is a separate SRCC OG-300 certification for complete systems. Our current understanding is that there is no SRCC certification for solar storage tanks or controllers or other individual components which may be installed as replacements in an existing solar system. Not having certification for just installing a solar tank does not preclude the possibility of eligibility for tax credits at this time. Consult with your Tax advisor about your individual needs.


Information on determining the pay back period for your Solar Hot water System.

Service needs and frequency advice.


Breaking News

05/05/06 - New bill in Congress to increase and extend tax credits
(Click HERE for More)

- Alternative Energy Bill Signed. Substantially increased tax incentives for home and business owners!

07/01/06 - Solar Systems becomes dealer for Apricus Solar Systems.  


Calculating Your Savings

Is it worth making the Investment in Alternative Energy production or conservation improvements?

Call us to do a free Cost/Savings Analysis of your home or business.